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ECAP | Education & Career Action Plans

An ECAP reflects a student's current course schedule, career goals, and postsecondary plans to develop the student's individual academic, career, and postsecondary plans (AZ Department of Education). An ECAP ensures that students are on the right track for their chosen careers, taking suitable classes, and taking advantage of the right opportunities to prepare them for life after graduation. Every year, students can update their ECAP by exploring career opportunities, expanding their skill set, and learning about the various resources available to them.

Students can access their ECAP at


  • Explore Career Clusters

  • Create Four-Year Educational Plan


  • Careers Composite & College Majors

  • Post-Secondary Educational Goals

  • Testing: PSAT/SAT/ACT

  • Create Resume & Personal Statement

  • Update Four-Year Educational Plan


  • Explore Careers Related to Interests

  • Update Four-Year Educational Plan


  • Review Graduation Requirements

  • Submit University Applications

  • Scholarships and Grants

  • Update Resume & Personal Statement


  • Senior Survey

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