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Visitation Policy

Policies for school visitation, tours, and classroom observation:

• Classroom tours are for parents and legal guardians of PACE Academy Students only. 
• An appointment for visitation must be made in writing and approved by the administration. 
• Observations or visits will not be allowed on test days. 
• Visitors must sign in at the registrar's desk, obtain a visitor's pass, and provide Identification. 
• No more than four (4) family/legal guardian members per visit. 
• This is an observation visit/tour, and visitors cannot disrupt the educational process. 
• Any questions during the visit must be directed to the tour administrator. 
• Conversations with teachers or students during class time are not allowed. 
• Parents may request a copy of all information in the student's official cumm file. 
• The administration has the right to respond to all questions in writing within seven (7)
business days.
• Additionally, parents always have access to their student's progress in all courses by following
the parent.

Please email the school to request a visitation to

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