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As a parent or guardian, you can keep track of your student's progress anytime, anywhere. Simply visit our website You should have received the login credentials along with the last report card. If you don't have it, please call Ms. Bowers at 928-775-9675 for assistance.


Once you log in, you can see your student's overall progress in the upper right-hand corner. The color of the progress bar indicates if your student is on track (green), slightly behind (orange), or far behind (red). You can also send a message to any of your student's teachers if you have any questions about their progress.


The most important tabs are the "Overview" and "Daily Activity" tabs. The "overview" tab gives you an idea of your student's progress in each class, while the "daily activity" tab shows you how much time your student has spent on a given day and how many lessons they have completed.


It's important to note that your student may be behind in one course but ahead in their overall progress. So, keep an eye on the color of the progress bar and the details provided under each tab to help your student stay on track.

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