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Admission is open to all students in grades 9-12. Students aged fourteen through twenty-one are able to enroll in high school. Students who are fourteen or over, but are unable to provide eighth grade documentation, shall be referred to the principal's office for review and consideration following a formal evaluation of the student's ability to be successful in our high school curriculum. A student who has been dropped for lack of academic progress, attendance or behavior problems may not be allowed to re-enroll in any PACE program during the academic year, but may request re-enrollment for the following academic year.

A Registration Packet (download link to the right) must be completed and turned in to the school before the student plans to attend. A student may not be allowed to start school until the complete registration packet has been received and reviewed.

We will make every attempt to accommodate students seeking admission. However, each year the Arizona Charter School Board limits the number of students who can be enrolled. When that limit is reached, a waiting list is established based on the student's pre-enrollment date.

Summer school will be offered to all high school students in the area. The program will run in two three-week sessions. The first session runs from May 29th to June 16th; the second session runs from June 19th to July 7th. All lessons and final exams will be completed from home. However, if you enroll in an AzMERIT EOC Assessment class (Alg B, Geom B, Alg 2B, ELA 9B, ELA10B, ELA11B) you should be on campus on Friday, July 7, from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM to complete the designated AzMERIT exam. Courses completed in Session One will be listed on the transcript for the current school year; courses completed during Session Two will be listed on the transcript for the next school year.
PACE Academy charges a non-refundable fee of $20 per course. All payments must be made before credit can be awarded at the end of Session Two. If you do not make full payment prior to the start of Session One, you will need to make arrangements with the office by phone or by email to make payment over the summer.
The maximum number of courses you can take is four (4).
Students can choose to work during one of the two sessions, or students can choose to take the entire six weeks to complete their summer course load. The enrollment form is on this page or you can stop by the office to pick one up.  

Enrollment forms can be printed and submitted to Torey Dawson.

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