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Parent Portal


We would like to remind all parents and guardians that you are able to check your students' progress whenever you like. All you need to do is go to our website All of the information you need to do this was mailed to you with the last report card. If you do not have this information, please call Ms. Masso at 928-775-9675. She will be happy to provide it for you.


Log in with your student's username and password, and check their progress. You will see a variety of information at your fingertips.  

In the upper, right-hand corner will be your student's overall progress. It will be Red, Orange, or Green. Red means that your student has fallen far behind their scheduled progress. Orange indicates that they are a little behind, and Green indicates that your student is on or ahead of schedule.


Below the overall progress, you will see "send message". You may send a message to any of the teachers if you have questions concerning your students' progress. To the left of "send message" you will see five tabs. The two tabs that are most important are the overview tab which gives you an overview of each class and the daily activity tab, which shows you how much time your student has worked on a given day and how many lessons they have completed.  

Remember, your student may be far behind (Red) in one course, but be ahead (Green) in their overall progress.

Tax Credit

You must enroll BEFORE April 15th.
When you pay your State income tax, for every dollar you pay to the state, less that 1 cent comes back to our community. Once enrolled in the Tax Credit program, every dollar of income tax paid through this program is kept within our community. Dollar for Dollar - up to $200 per single filer and $400 for joint filers. What better way to help your community? At no cost to you, enroll in this program TODAY and the taxes you pay now goes directly to Pace Academy schools and activities.


Remember - if you do not participate in this program, your tax dollars that you could have kept in your community will be used by others.

Donate Online with your credit card.

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