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About Pace Academy

Self-Paced, Computerized High School

What is self-paced learning?

At PACE Preparatory Academy, our personalized learning programs enable students to become self-motivated, competent lifelong learners equipped with the reading, writing and technology skills to assist in future life skills.


Our school provides a totally innovative, non-traditional approach to educating high school students by providing a completely blended learning educational environment. Special needs students and non-traditional learners work in this self-paced arena to obtain their high school diploma and are provided with support to prepare them for transition from high school to college or a successful career.


Did you know...


PACE is accredited through Cognia & AdvancED/NCA so that any school will accept the credits students earn at PACE. Our teachers have received the proper training and certification to instruct students in the classroom and are readily at hand to help individual students as they work.


Our classrooms are computer-driven. You won't need to carry books from class to class anymore, because the bulk of your learning will be through computer instruction and internet research.


You'll be on your own schedule. Our school is open four days a week, Monday through Thursday, giving you Friday off for a job or a three-day weekend.


Whether you want to graduate early or need to go back an pick up the rest of your high school credits, Pace Academy is the vehicle to get you to your high school diploma at your own pace.

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