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The Benefits of a Self-Paced Charter School

High school is a challenging time, but it doesn’t have to be a “hard” time. Just like every student world wide, high school students in Prescott Valley have to navigate through a wide variety of obstacles as they grow in their education. From mental and physical changes that they are sorting through to life skills that they are developing and curating, life can get a little hectic as teenagers are going through the refining fire that we call “high school.”

At Pace Academy, we understand that one of the most important tools that a high school student needs to succeed is the ability to grow at their own pace. Our charter school in Prescott Valley, AZ was built with that vision in mind.

What would your student achieve if they were able to learn and work at a self-determined pace?

Early Graduation

Our program is a perfect fit for individuals who are in need of a more challenging educational experience. Rhythm is a key contributor to momentum. If your student is experiencing boredom, eagerness to advance to post-graduation life or simply a desire to learn at an accelerated pace, our program can help them achieve their goals at a rate that compliments their personality.

Extracurricular Flexibility

Maybe your student is in the middle of pursuing a passion or skill found outside the walls of a classroom. Our charter high school is a great place for your child to gain the knowledge and degrees that they need to advance in their education, while also giving each student the chance to move at their own pace to allow for them to dedicate their time and talents to extracurricular opportunities. If your student’s current school schedule doesn’t give your child the time that they need, we can help.

Slower-Paced, Individual Attention

Has your child ever expressed frustration with feeling left out or behind at their current high school? We believe that each student is infinitely intelligent, but some learn at different paces and in different ways. Your student doesn’t need to suffer through anxiety or depression that comes from feeling alone in their educational struggles. Our computerized program is interactive, innovative and self-paced.

Our school is Arizona’s premier charter school for helping students to catch up and recover credits. Your child is never too far behind to achieve an excellent high school education.

Self-Paced Charter High School

Can your student relate with any of the experiences listed above? No matter your student or their educational background, we believe that every student can benefit from a program that allows them to feel in control of their trajectory.

If you’re ready to learn more about our program, staff and campus, enroll today or contact our front office to give your student the tools that they need to succeed.

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